About Dr. Michael Seskin

1A well-established clinical psychology practitioner, Dr. Michael Seskin has maintained a successful Southern California private practice since the early 1980s. He engages with children, teens, and adults in providing a comprehensive range of solutions that include counseling and testing. Dr. Michael Seskin utilizes a number of evaluative methods spanning social, emotional, and behavioral psychology. He emphasizes a highly individualized treatment approach that generates optimal patient results.

Dr. Seskin is active in his professional community and was featured in Business Alignment Strategies, Inc., a blog series about setting and implementing life priorities. He characterized the U.S. workplace as providing insufficient resources for employees who experience emotional stress while on the job. Dr. Seskin noted that office supervisors have role similar to that of medical first responders, in that they are the first logical point-of-contact for employees experiencing distress. Unfortunately, they do not receive specific training for such situations and may be unprepared to deal with emotional crises. Dr. Michael Seskin encourages business owners to create an environment of open communication between employees and management, and to provide supervisors with ongoing support and appropriate knowledge resources.


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